A low-carb and sugar-free Ramadan Keto Goodies UAE

A low-carb and sugar-free Ramadan

With the Holy Month just around the corner, UAE residents are preparing for Ramadan which falls at the peak of summer this year. As diets become radically altered due to eating only during pre-dawn and after sunset, it is important to maintain energy levels and avoid overeating that may lead to putting on weight. Add to this the convenience of going out for iftars, late night snacking and lack of exercise – the month of abstinence can quickly turn into a month of bad eating habits.

Increasingly, UAE residents are seeking alternative options to keep them healthy and fit during the month of Ramadan. Keto Goodies has an extensive clientele of Emirati and Arab expats, who favour the keto diet. Keto is a low-carb, moderate protein, high healthy fat diet. It’s scientifically proven to help people stay fuller for longer, as proteins and healthy fats take the body longer to break down and digest than carbohydrates. For those fasting during the Holy Month, the keto diet can also be beneficial in ensuring a reduction in blood sugar spikes and troughs, and maintaining consistent energy through the day.

In response to the overwhelming demand from the Keto community eager for convenient, keto-friendly sweets and savoury treats, Keto Goodies has unveiled its latest seasonal menu. The limited edition Ramadan Keto Menu includes a selection of baskets for one, two or four people.

Most importantly, it is low-carb and sugar free!

What to expect this Ramadan from Keto Goodies

Available only for the month of Ramadan, the limited edition baskets for one, two and four people are perfect for both Iftar and Suhoor. The menu is packed full of traditional Arabic flavours, with both sweet and savoury goodies that include:

Keto Kunafa – Traditional Middle Eastern dessert but without the sugar!

Baskets include personal and full-size Kunafas

Keto Savoury Goodies – A selection of traditional breads, pastries and snacks

Baskets include keto friendly zaatar fatayers, cheese samosas, lahm bi ajeen fatayers and falafels


To order the limited edition Keto Ramdan baskets, head over to www.ketogoodiesdubai.com

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