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Going against the grain

Time to go gluten-free?

Should I cut out gluten? People on the keto diet are often highly aware of what foods they are eating, but what impact does gluten have?

For those with celiac disease, gluten is an absolute no-no. Sufferers can have serious adverse reactions if consuming foods with gluten – it’s a condition that currently affects around 1% of the global population. In addition to those with this allergic response to gluten, there are also plenty more who are sensitive or mildly intolerant to gluten and have more minor effects.

So what is gluten?

Grains such as barley, rye and wheat contain proteins called glutenin and gliadin. The gluten proteins don’t provide the body with anything useful in terms of nutrients – but it’s often found in processed or baked foods to help dough rise or bind together. Things like pizza dough or bread are often high in gluten. For those following the keto diet, gluten is often found in foods which are high in carbs.

But, it’s probably not the obvious places where those on a keto diet might stumble upon gluten. Processed meats and cheeses sometimes contain gluten, as do a lot of packet soups and broths. It’s also interesting to note that soy sauce and salad dressings – which are super easy to add to dishes without really considering their ingredients – are often high in gluten.

Am I gluten intolerant?

Even if you haven’t been diagnosed with a serious gluten issue like celiac disease, there’s a growing body of evidence (some scientific and some colloquial case studies), that others may simply not handle gluten as well as others. Health conversations around headaches, skin issues, digestive troubles, bloating, tiredness and anxiety have all been linked to potential gluten problems.

So should I go gluten-free?

For many keto advocates, going gluten-free goes hand-in-hand as avoiding carbohydrates often heavily reduces the potential for consuming gluten. An important consideration for gluten-free, low-carb diet fans is to also avoid highly processed foods. Often those marked as ‘gluten-free’ have other additives which may not be particularly healthy.

Not sure if you have a gluten issue?

Why not speak to your doctor about screening for gluten allergies – especially if you feel like you are having persistent issues with fatigue, digestive trouble, or unexplained rashes.

Is a low-carb, gluten-free approach aligned with keto?

Absolutely. A low-carb or ketogenic diet is often a great choice for those with gluten problems. Naturally keto is low in carbohydrates which would rule out a lot of foods containing gluten. The potential benefits for adding a gluten-free approach to your keto lifestyle include supporting weight loss and better weight management, improved metabolic health, and increased energy levels.

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